The CanaCard system is a technology platform that manages the end-to-end transactions involved with providing safe access to medical cannabis. By adapting a medically approved process to examine all patients, the CanaCard system will provide access to customized and optimized treatment plans, and third-party monitoring and reporting to all parties involved, including government regulators. The CanaCard program is a legal and effective method to provide safe access to medical cannabis for qualified patients.



VIP-Patient is a proprietary EMR platform that provides a series of robust practice management features that go beyond the private and secure platform for full PIPEDA disclosure and compliant interactions, and monitoring between the physician, the patient and the pharmacy.


Alternate Clinic

Alternate Health plans to expand its CanaCard technology through a number of clinics across Canada that will provide naturopathic medicines and other complementary solutions, including medical cannabis. Alternate Health Clinics will help patients who are looking for better treatment methods for their ailments without the potential side effects of many prescribed pharmaceuticals.



Alternate RX will provide an integrated storefront solution where our operating partners can generate revenue through direct sales.

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